A Very Quick Update

So here’s how I’ve spent the past several days:

  • Hanoi, Vietnam – walked around a lot, saw some stuff, mentally screamed as I navigated the traffic, did a street food tour. Good times.
  • Sa Pa, Vietnam – visited the hill tribes, hiked various areas, saw rice paddies, said “no” to practically every native trying to sell me something, and did a homestay with a local family. Also fun!
  • Tomorrow, I go on a one night trip to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, which is supposed to be very pretty.

Anyway, between the speed I was going at, and the inability to bring my laptop with me on a hike (I’m not that dedicated, people), I’m somewhat behind on updates and pictures. Rest assured they are coming…but probably not for a few days, since I doubt there’s wifi in Ha Long Bay (and I’m not bringing the laptop, anyway). So patience! Or not,

And for those of you in Boston and other areas expecting major snow, I hope all goes okay! I’ll be thinking of you while it’s 70 here and…you know what, I’ll shut up now. :-)

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