Okay, so this isn't actually me.
Okay, so this isn’t actually me.

I’m David! After a number of years at a desk job in Boston MA, I decided to take some time off and travel. I’ve collected frequent flier points for a while, and now is the time to use them. So I sold most of my belongings, fostered my cats, and gave up my apartment. And on January 1, 2015, I’m boarding a plane to Thailand! Well, technically Chicago, but then I get on another plane. That takes me to Hong Kong, but…look, you get the idea.

I’m an amateur photographer, so I’ll be taking lots of photos and sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy! But if you don’t, please lie and say you do, my ego is easily bruised. Keep an eye out for stories of cooking classes, tales of woe as I dodge street traffic, and sarcastic observations galore.

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