20150427-IMGP7466.jpgSydney! It’s the iconic Australian city, with pretty much everyone able to recognize the famous Opera House from postcards. I had heard in advance that it wasn’t as good a place to visit as Melbourne, but honestly, I liked it a lot. Even if I was there during a week of rain (if you’re following the news Down Under, I got there just after the hailstorms). It’s a very large city, with several neighborhoods to wander through. It actually reminds me a lot of Boston, albeit with ten times the population. Still, I felt very comfortable there.

20150429-IMGP7605.jpgI tried to take all the ‘famous’ photos, but due to the weather some of them weren’t fantastic. That doesn’t bother me so much; I know I tried, and you can’t control the weather, so whatever. Still, I got a few good ones. I also tried to do a bit more street shooting, and discovered I like night shooting in cities. Have to do more of that in Europe. I was lucky enough to have some people to meet in Sydney, a family friend who I grabbed some beers with, and a former colleague who showed me around her neighborhood. Very fun! It’s always good to chat with locals, and it’s something I’m not very good at initiating, so this was great. Plus, I got to try what is apparently the best gelato in the world, as voted by…somebody. It was pretty good, I have to say. Not sure I’d rank it over Rome…guess I have to go back and do some taste testing!
I spent a lot of time wandering. Poked my head in the library (have I mentioned I like libraries? I like libraries.), wandered through a fantastic wildlife photography exhibit (no, none of my pictures were on that level, though maybe one day..) and just enjoyed the street life. I also got to see the new Avengers movie, before it came out in the States even! That’s kinda fun :-). Some delicious food in various places, lots of walking randomly, and good times.

20150429-IMGP7609.jpgAnd next, the European part of my adventure begins! It felt strange to leave Australia. Oz and New Zealand are similar enough in feel that it felt like two consistent months. When I left Asia, I was ready for it. A little tired of the intensity of the Asian cultures, ready for some different scenery and weather, etc. Leaving Australia now for Europe…it’s not that I’m tempted to stay, exactly, as much as it is that I felt comfortable. But, I’m excited about Europe. So onwards and upwards! (literally – two 11 hour flights, with an overnight in Seoul, South Korea.)


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