Various Activities

20150422-IMGP7254.jpgPort Douglas is a good base for several days worth of activites, and I took full advantage of it. After my visit to the Great Barrier Reef, I took a day to relax and then headed out on various adventures. I drove up to the Daintree Rainforest, which is interesting if not fascinating. A long walk through an area called Mossman Gorge, which was nice. Lots of green, fairly humid, so…yep, it’s a rainforest!

20150420-IMGP6979.jpgOn another day, I drove to the town of Kurunda, which proudly bills itself as The City in the Rainforest. It’s a complete tourist town, with no other purpose, but I still enjoyed visiting it. They had a wonderful butterfly museum where I took a guided tour and learned a surprising number of butterfly facts. How the colors work, mating rituals, species, etc. Very interesting! Also just fun…it’s an enclosed space where hundreds of butterflies are just floating around, stand still for 30 seconds and they’ll land right on your arm. They’re so lightweight you barely notice it. Very pretty and fun.

20150421-IMGP7043.jpgAnother part of the region is known as the Atherton Tablelands. I drove around a lot and stopped at a number of waterfalls, having a good time and flashbacks to New Zealand. It’s a beautiful part of the country – actually, I was reminded of Napa Valley several times. I did get occasionally frustrated with the giant tour buses roaming around. Just because I’m a tourist doesn’t mean I want to see other tourists! It’s also frustrating for photography, because I prefer pictures without people in them and while I’m happy to be patient and wait for one group to leave, another group always shows up! Bah.

Anyway, I enjoyed my week in Port Douglas. It was a wonderfully relaxing place to spend some time in.


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